Marina, is an inspirational speaker, author and the founder of Divorce Shift, an organization that supports women struggling to get over their ex relationships to move on in a safe and nurturing environment.

She has really been there, done that got the T-Shirt and written the book. In 2006 she went through her own devastating divorce as well a countless number of heart breaking breakups, she is also the daughter of a divorced mother, which has given her first hand experience of the detrimental affects that not healing past relationships can have on single women, mothers and their children.

By the age of 30 she had gone through the motions of almost taking her life twice, abusing drugs and alchohol as well as suffering from an eating disorder.

Building on her own experiences, she decided to get professionally trained in neuro-linguistic programming, matrix re-imprinting and The Demartini Method – a very powerful tool that balances out perceptions all of which are recognized by their own professional bodies so that she could support women to heal their hearts.

She has been featured in The Guardian, The Daily Mail and other national women magazines such as Prima, Glamour, Top Sante and Take a Break as well as TV shows on divorce on Sky TV.

She currently contributes for Essence Mind Body Spirit Magazine and Divorced Parents Magazine.

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