Are you a Woman Who is Suffering A Bad Divorce Or Breakup?

Discover how you as a WOMAN can GET OVER your EX & Move On to find the freedom YOU want!


Enjoy a crucial introduction to how you can free yourself of the pain of your past intimate relationships.

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We’ve all experienced the guilt an anger of a past relationship.

But what if you could regain your your confidence back – to feel that you are back to who you used to be before the relationship went south? I know that if you did, you would attract the person of your dreams because you would be in a space where you could find them.



  • Break free from relationship disappointments
  • Discover inner peace and the universal laws that are guiding the relationship with your ex.
  • Breakthrough the 1 thing that is holding you back so you can move forward
  • Unstick yourself from the breakup pain to move on to the “hook-up” lane
  • Surround yourself with inspirational women and feel supported
  • Dissolve the fear of being alone so you can feel inner peace instead

The Goodbye Mr Ex FREE INTRO WEBINAR is a 90 minute webinar which has been carefully designed to inspire you to move forward NOW.


The reason is SIMPLE –

I want to accelerate the process of your immediate healing and get you over your ex as soon as possible and not waste any more of your precious time.

They say TIME IS A HEALER – but it will only be that way if you put your time into good use. And why waste any more of it, especially when life is so precious!

The free online introduction to The GOODBYE MR EX accelerator program provides a SAFE and PRIVATE environment that will give you the opportunity to express and  the emotions that have been holding you back and sapping your energy and vitality.

It will also help you discover what you are doing that is keeping you stuck and what you can do to let it go.

Why settle for feeling this way when you don’t have to?

This 1.5 hour online group is specifically for you if you are a “WOMAN” who is still

  • Having Your Buttons Pushed By Your Ex even after months of being separated
  • Locked in Conflict With Your Ex and don’t know how to get out of it
  • Scared of being on your own and feel that you wont find anyone again
  • Wanting to stop feeling hurt and upset and know that its time to FINALLY move on
  • Missing Your Ex and wish that you were still with him
  • Powerless and lacking confidence because of the breakup and divorce
  • You are fed up of being single and finally ready for a new relationship
  • Unable to say thank you for how things were and still wish that you would change certain things of the past?

Don’t believe me (I get it, sometimes it hard to trust anyone after your heart has been through so much pain).

Perhaps these experiences from other women who experienced the steps that I will show you in the Goodbye Mr Ex Introductory Webinar will illustrate to you that you too can be just like them!

“I feel much more confident and can move on”

“Marina Pearson walked me through the steps of how to get over an ex, before experiencing it, I was feeling very low and no confidence which meant that I could not move ahead with my life. After attending the event, I feel so much more confident which means I can now move on. Thank you very much.” Naresna Shah, UK




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My name is Marina Pearson and I specialize in helping women like you to overcome the ex and move towards healthy, passionate loving relationships that are 10 times more rewarding than the past relationships you were in….

I know that you are probably thinking how do I have the credibility to work with women in this arena? Well the truth is that

  • I have been where you are, having been through my own divorce I know how painful it can be.
  • I have 20 years of ex-relationship learnings and insight.
  • I have made all the mistakes under the sun to guarantee that I remained stuck in the struggle of moving on.
  • I have experienced how my life was when I had no confidence and was plagued with an eating disorder for 15 years of my life.
  • I have been to the darkest depths of pain where taking my life was an attractive option and (I still shudder when I say that publically.
  • I also have coached many women through these tough times and seen the transformation that has occurred.
  • I have felt alone and misunderstood which I know can leave you feeling frustrated and sad.
  • I have abused food, drugs and booze to numb the emptiness that I felt inside so that I could avoid myself at all costs.

But perhaps the biggest reason why I can help you get over your struggle is that I know about the truth of your failed relationship – ITS NOT YOUR FAULT.


By taking responsibility for my breakup I was able to get to a place where I can with “hand on my heart” tell you I am 100% grateful for all my ex relationships and everything that we experienced.

How is that possible?

I am have taken everything that I have learned and created The Divorce Shift Process that will have you S.H.I.F.T out of your negative state into a state of gratitude and love. Its taken me 20 years of relationship failures and struggles and 6 years of doing my own work to finally devise an event that will kick start you on your journey of relationship healing.

The online introduction to GOODBYE MR EX IS the ONE Intro event THAT will Give you a structure of How to Overcome your Broken Heart.

I now focus on supporting and coaching hopeful women like yourself to get them over their exes so they can move on from the baggage of the past to free them of it.

I am also a speaker and an author. I have been interviewed by The Daily Mail, The Guardian, Prima, Glamour, Take A Break and Sky TV. In addition I am the co-author of “Its Your Right To Be Wrong in Relationships” and  the author of the recently published book “Goodbye Mr Ex – A Woman’s Guide To Moving On”.

The Very Nature of the Goodbye Mr Ex online event will have you discover how to achieve some of these EXTRAORDINARY results just like the women below who I facilitated through the steps that I will take you through during our online class.

“I feel freer & more confident”

“Today I attended Marina Pearson’s event and before coming to the workshop I was feeling that I had made pretty good progress but with some old patterns still being played out which meant that they were taking up head space and energy with past events that make me feel bad. After attending the event I feel freer, more confident about my new relationships which means that I can now be even happier” Suzy Miller, Founder of Divorce In a Box, UK


“Incredible tools so I can step out of the victim cycle”

“Since meeting Marina some time ago, she has helped me transform from someone who was filled with hatred, blame, hurt and anger who had an overall feeling of being broken and lost to someone who is filled with gratitude and inner peace within ex-partners and relationships. Today she has given me some incredible tools that I can practice and utilize and step out of the victim cycle. I would recommend working with Marina anytime as she has helped me change my life forever. Thank You for being in my life Marina” Natasha Caton, UK


The truth is that when you don’t get over your ex it can have huge consequences

On your health as you hold onto the pain and anger which can lead to disease and very ill health

On your love life, as energetically you are not making the space for a new person to come in

On your children as you are more likely to take your anger out on the children, which can have detrimental effects on them, the worst of which is modelling unhealthy behavior in relationships from you that now perpetuate the problem and pass it down from generation to generation

On your finances, as holding onto guilt can be the number one drainer of your resources and can definitely keep you broke

Don’t Let That be YOU

You still have time to move on with ease and grace and it doesn’t have to be hard. Why struggle when you don’t have to?

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By the end of our online meeting you will have discovered

  • The steps you need to move on
  • How to create profound gratitude to dissolve the resentment and guilt
  • The ability to overcome the fears of change, so you keep growing to attract the man you want
  • Tools that you can use over and over, saving you time and money
  • THe No 1 Secret that no-one else will give you about how to change your ex
  • Te7 mistakes to avoid that will guarantee to keep you stuck

I will hold your hand every step of the way and you will come together in a small group to bring about a connection that will give you the confidence and power you need to shift.

“So empowering, funny, warm and loving”

“Before working with Marina I was feeling that I was almost there, after attending the event I really have moved on and am ready for the next steps. What an incredible time, so empowering, funny warm and loving – can’t wait to put it into practice.” Sarah Wadham,UK


So how Do You Get To SHIFT So quickly?

Step 1 in moving on is taking chances….a chance worth taking!

I have also identified the 7 mistakes that women make to keep them stuck so you can walk out at the end of the event with a road map to your recovery and know well in advance of the obstacles that will set you back.

So you can learn to

  • Unblock your hidden barriers that make you fall in love with the same kind of guy over and over
  • Finally relate to your ex either in person or on the phone and remain calm, grateful and in control no matter how hard he wants to push those buttons.
  • Rid yourself of the debilitating stress you feel whenever you think of getting back into the dating scene.


“I released a lot of negative charges”

Today I worked with Marina and I was feeling apprehensive that I knew it all already, which meant that I was not expecting to learn anything new. However after the steps she took me through to let go, I realized I still have some work to do but that I released a lot of negative charges I had which means that I can now apply the tools I learned today and apply to any situation. Thanks” Jeminee, UK


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Well when women hire me for a private consult program they invest a minimum £999. And if you ask any of them its worth 10 times the investment as you will see here:


“looking to the future with a positive feeling”

“Before coming to Marina I was feeling insecure, unhappy and unbalanced in my life and I was feeling like after the breakup of a relationship which was extremely traumatic for me, I felt everything was my fault even though I knew I had done my best to try and make it work. In just 5 sessions I am now regaining my self confidence, seeing that my life is perfect the way it is and slowly looking to the future with a positive feeling.” Alice


“not missing him any more”

“Before coming to Marina, I felt that I missed my ex’s and it would bring back some painful memories. Marina, however took coached me through and I have found myself not missing him any more and feeling free. Thank you Marina” Caroline Ainslie, Founder of Bubblz Maths,” London, UK UK


“I feel whole again”

“Before I came to Marina I was angry, confused and sad after my marriage break down. I had spent hours and ££’s on books and programs trying to analyze the reasons why he left. I also spent hours beating myself up, it had taken a real toll on my self-esteem. In only a few sessions my self esteem has increased and I feel whole again. I am embracing my new found freedom and for the first time ever I have my very own dream for the future.” Gillian Christianson,” Uk


“I was still haunted by my ex”

“Before coming to Marina, I was finding it really hard to be present in my new relationship as I was still haunted by my ex who had stalked me. Because of this awful experience, it was hard for me to let the fear go of being in a relationship. In just one afternoon I realized that I had made some massive assumptions about my ex and the powerful questions Marina asked just dissolved them. Thank you Marina,” Zusana Jochman, Founder of Cesare Pictures, London,” Uk


“Marina helped me when I needed it the most”

“Talking and working through the exercises with Marina and reading her book “Your right to be wrong in relationships” has changed my life. Before coming to Marina I was very confused, I knew I was doing something very wrong, but couldn’t for the life of me work out what it was. I was in a very blameful relationship but by reading the book I was able to start taking responsibility for myself and my circumstances. I would like to express my deepest thanks to Marina for taking the time to help me when I needed it most.” Ceri Edwards, Cornwall, ,” Uk


It is my mission to support as many women as possible to get over their exes so they can move on, this is why I have created this introductory online seminar where we can meet and you can get to know me a little bit better in the comfort of your own home.


Think about it…..

You have absolutely nothing to lose (except the negative emotions) and EVERYTHING TO gain!

Stop for a second and imagine how your life could be. Either you’ll

a) You will be sat where you are sitting where you are now feeling the same and wondering why nothing has changed.

b)  Be getting over your ex and start to feel more confident than ever before and feel that you are reclaiming your power back.


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Which would you prefer?

I know which one I would make! It’s the same choice that I made 6 years ago and it’s the same choice that all the women’s testimonials that you have read made this year.

So its time for you to make a decision.

Are you going to decide to take action and get over your ex once and for all? Or are you going to continue being stuck?

You know what they say “If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you always got.”

Time waits for no-one.

Thanks Marina


PPS Remember

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