Goodbye Mr Ex – Book Launch January 7th 2013



Why struggle on your own when you don’t have to? FREE yourself of your past today and create your new life……

  • Does your ex still push your buttons after years of being separated or divorced?
  • Have you just broken up and wish that the pain would go away?
  • Have you been through the divorce process and now feel the repercussions of it?
  • Do you find yourself thinking, “If my ex changed, my life would be so much better!”
  • Are you angry at him for not contributing financially towards your kids?
  • Do you still feel guilty for leaving him?

IF you are a *WOMAN* and have said YES to any of these questions then Goodbye Mr Ex is the BOOK for you.

Goodbye Mr Ex identifies what the key factors are that will keep you struggling in the anger, jealousy, guilt and pain and gives you

  • A pro-active approach to free you from your past in a quick and painless fashion.
  • The 7 mistakes to avoid that will guarantee to keep you STUCK.
  • The *7 Steps* to get your “inner mojo” back.
  • A number of groundbreaking techniques so that you can un-stick yourself and find inner peace.
  • Some incredibly inspirational stories that will have you turning page after page after page.